SpeedyBee F405 WING MINI Fixed Wing Flight Controller

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SpeedyBee F405 Wing Mini Easy fly
SpeedyBee F405 Wing Mini Easy fly
Mini Size, Mega Ease Flexible Installation
Small yet mighty, the compact size of F405 WING MINI doesn't compromise functionality. Its sleek design not only saves space but also cleverly integrates almost all essential features. From compact glider cockpits to sub-250g fixed-wing, F405 WING MINI fits effortlessly into any space.
SpeedyBee F405 Wing Mini Easy fly
Simplify Complexity: F405 WING MINI utilizes a graphic interface through APP, transforming intricate technical adjustments into intuitive and straightforward operations. Suitable for both beginners and experts, it reduces setup time and gets you into the joy of flying quickly.
SpeedyBee F405 Wing Mini Easy fly
Neat and Easy Installation,
F405 WING MINI provides a tidy and straightforward installation experience. Whether connecting GPS or FPV cameras, the well-organized layout ensures quick and hassle-free connections. With labeled solder pads on the socket's back, it offers an efficient and reliable option for customization, perfectly balancing ease of use and professional-grade reliability.
SpeedyBee F405 Wing Mini Easy fly
Wireless Tuning 2.0:
Elevated Performance
Instant and Stable Connectivity: F405 WING MINI's wireless tuning function has been upgraded to version 2.0, offering a smoother and more reliable experience. App-based operations are now quicker with reduced loading times. Even for long-distance adjustments, it responds rapidly, ensuring efficient and simpler tuning.
SpeedyBee F405 Wing Mini Easy fly
Double the View,
Double the Fun
Explore Your Vision: F405 WING MINI introduces dual camera switching without the need for complex mechanisms. With a simple one-button switch, you can effortlessly capture a wide range of perspectives from different cameras. Whether you want to capture breathtaking landscapes or follow formations, every flight is an exciting exploration filled with fresh angles and joy.
*This feature currently supports switching only between analog cameras.
SpeedyBee F405 Wing Mini Easy fly
Full MCU Pinout BreakOut:
No More Interface Confusion
SpeedyBee F405 Wing Mini Easy fly
Up to 11 PWM outputs
9 straight-pin headers
3 reserved solder pads
For motor and servo control
It makes F405 WING MINI suitable for a variety of fixed-wing aircraft, including conventional layout aircraft, V-tail aircraft, aircraft with flaperons, and VTOLs.
*Please refer to the instructions for detailed output settings.
SpeedyBee F405 Wing Mini Easy fly
INAV / ArduPilot Dual Firmwares, Choose As You Like
INAV offers a user-friendly setup for easy FPV flight handling, while ArduPilot provides advanced capabilities to explore more challenging flying styles.
Stabilize your flight, automatic take-off, Wing Racing, Formation Flying... whether you are a beginner or an expert, F405 WING MINI can fulfill all your flying dreams.
SpeedyBee F405 Wing Mini Easy fly
SpeedyBee F405 Wing Mini Easy fly
Multi-Layer PCB Design For Cool And Stable Operation Without Interference
SpeedyBee F405 Wing Mini Easy fly
Vertical Takeoff and Landing Fly Anywhere!
F405 WING MINI, with seamless vertical takeoff and landing, and intuitive tuning through INAV 7.0 firmware, enables enthusiasts to explore vertical flight effortlessly. F405 WING MINI is versatile, providing convenience in urban and open environments.
SpeedyBee F405 Wing Mini Easy fly
HD & Ana VTX:
Direct Plug-and-Play Interface
HD and Analog, easy flying choices. F405 WING MINI's plug-and-play interface supports both HD and Analog VTX.
SpeedyBee F405 Wing Mini Easy fly
SpeedyBee F405 Wing Mini Easy fly
SpeedyBee F405 Wing Mini Easy fly
SpeedyBee F405 Wing Mini Easy fly
Product Name SpeedyBee F405 WING MINI FC board
MCU STM32F405, 168MHz, 1MB Flash
IMU(Gyro&Accelerometer) ICM-42688-P
Barometer SPL006-001
OSD Chip AT7456E
Blackbox MicroSD Card Slot
UART6 - Dedicated for Wireless board Telemetry connection)
I2C 1x Used for magnetometer, digital airspeed sensor
ADC 4x (VBAT, Current, Analog RSSI, Analog AirSpeed)
PWM 12x (9x pin headers + 2x solder pads + 1x "LED" pad)
ELRS/CRSF Receiver Supported, connected to UART1
SBUS Built-in inverter for SBUS input (UART2-RX)
LED 3x LEDs for FC STATUS (Blue, Green) and 3.3V indicator (Red)
Analog RSSI Supported, Named as "RS"
Dual Analog Camera Switching Default to Camera1 Video Input (C1). Switch between C1 and C2 using ArduPilot Relay or INAV Modes/USER.
Both cameras should have the same video format, either PAL or NTSC.
Supported FC Firmware INAV: SpeedyBeeF405WING (default)
ArduPilot: SpeedyBeeF405WING
Weight 5.6g
Product Name SpeedyBee F405 WING MINI PDB board
Input voltage range 7~26V (2~6S LiPo)
Battery Voltage Sensor Connect to FC board VBAT, 1K:10K (Scale 1100 in INAV, BATT_VOLT_MULT 11.0 in ArduPilot)
Battery Current Sensor 80A continuous, 150A peak Connect to FC board Current (Scale 195 in INAV, 50 A/V in ArduPilot)
TVS Protective diode Yes
FC BEC output Output 5.2V +/- 0.1V DC Continuous current 2 Amps, 3A Peak Designed for FC, Receiver, GPS module, AirSpeed Sensor, Telemetry module
VTX & Camera power supply The VTX power interface Vv offers two power supply options: direct battery voltage or integrated BEC 5V (sharing the 5V4A Servo BEC voltage)
By default, it is set to battery voltage
(Ensure the VTX and camera input voltage range is compatible)
Switching to 5V power supply is possible via pad jumper (using Servo BEC output)
(If using this method, ensure the current requirements for both servo and VTX are sufficient)
Servo BEC output Output 5V +/- 0.1V DC Continuous current 4 Amps, 5A Peak Voltage adjustable, 5V Default, 6V via jumper Designed for Servos.
Weight 5.5g
Product Name SpeedyBee F405 WING MINI Wireless USB Extender
Wireless Configuration (long press BOOT button for 6 seconds to switch modes)
INAV:Please make sure the MSP switch on UART 6 is turned on and set to a baud rate of 115200 ArduPilot:Please make sure the Serial 6 is set to baud rate 115200 and protocol Mavlink2
BLE mode, connect to Speedybee APP
Wi-Fi (AP)mode, able to connect to Speedybee APP, QGroundControl APP, MissionPlanner, etc. WiFi: Speedybee eFLY-WIFI Password: 88888888
Wi-Fi (STA)mode, able to connect to QGroundControl APP, MissionPlanner, etc.
Step 1: turn on Personal Hotspot;
Step 2: Set hotspot, locate NAME/Device Name/Hotspot name/etc.
Step 3: change the current name to eFLY and the password is, 88888888
Wireless off mode
USB Port Type Type-C
Buzzer 5V Active Buzzer
Weight 3.2g

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