Warranty Policy

Return & Refund Policy

Brand new products purchased directly from www.speedybee.com can be returned within 21 days after receiving the goods. After our confirmation and approval, the customer will send the product back and provide the tracking information. After the product is received and checked, and is confirmed to be in good condition, then a refund can be issued. The customer is responsible for shipping costs, customs duties, taxes, customs clearance, and other costs incurred when sending the unwanted product(s) for a return to China. Return requests will NOT be accepted beyond 21 days. If the product has been opened, used, or damaged, it will not be eligible for a refund or return.

Warranty Policy

1. The SpeedyBee warranty only covers manufacturer defects within 30 days from the date of delivery. (not when the product is first used)

2. Within 30 days after you receive the goods, if you find any quality defects, please contact us by emailing contact@speedybee.com, and provide clear product photos and order screenshots (including date), after we confirm that it is a quality issue and the product is not soldered, we will ship you a brand new replacement. If it is soldered, you could send it back for repair. You will not be charged any fees.

3. The warranty does not cover damage caused by crashes, improper operation by the user, physical damage during assembly/disassembly, normal wear and tear, voltage beyond the normal input range, improper soldering, reverse battery polarity, water damage, unauthorized modifications (including waterproofing), etc.

4. For a damaged product that is not covered by the warranty, you can choose to send it back to us(Shenzhen, China) for repair, but you will bear the shipping cost, repair cost, and other costs incurred when sending it back to China. Final repair costs need to be determined by SpeedyBee engineers. SpeedyBee is only responsible for shipping it back after repairs.

5. For a damaged product that is not covered by the warranty, if the cost of sending it back is too high, we will also try our best to help, such as providing you with a coupon within 20-30%(depending on the actual situation) to buy a new product.

6. If you have any product issues, please send an email to contact@speedybee.com. In order to provide you with more efficient services, please provide order screenshots (including date), clear product photos, and a problem demonstration video in the email.

7. If you have any questions about app usage or product usage, except for emailing us, you could also join our Facebook group and get answers from other SpeedyBee pilots around the world.

8. For distributors who purchase products and subsequently resell them after secondary processing (such as assembling them into drone/kits for resale), please note that we do not provide direct after-sales service to end customers. It is the responsibility of the distributors to handle after-sales service for their own end customers. However, we do offer technical assessment services to distributors upon request, which may require the submission of product photos/videos or other relevant information. If, during our assessment, we determine that the issue is due to a product quality problem and the time elapsed between the distributor's sale and the customer receiving the product is within one month, we may, on a case-by-case basis, consider providing discounts or replacements to the distributor. The nature and extent of these discounts, exemptions, or compensations will be determined based on the specific circumstances and will be offered to the distributor on their next order.