SpeedyBee TX800

5.60 Grams
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maximum 800mW output, high-efficiency heat sink
5.8G 48CH PIT / 25mW / 200mW / 400mW / 800mW
IRC Tramp Support | Pit Mode Support | 28*28mm@20*20mm M2 holes
SpeedyBee TX800
JST socket and ————
pad connection supported
SpeedyBee TX800
SpeedyBee TX800
Tramp Protocol Support
TX800 supports IRC TRAMP protocol,also supports to modify the image transmitter
parameters through the remote control,Including frequency, working power and so on.
If your flight controller supports Bluetooth or WiFi,You can also modify the
parameters of image transmitter through SpeedyBee App.
F7 AIO Flight Controller
PitMode Support
When you are flying in the same field with other players, PitMode can make you
more calm to power up the aircraft for parameter adjustment without disturbing other players
F7 AIO Flight Controller
LED Status
1 Blue Channel LED
Steady on: The current frequency point is Channel 1
Off: The current frequency point is one of Channel 2 ~ 8.
1 Red Band LED
Steady on: The current frequency band is Band 1
Off: The current frequency band is one of Band 2 ~ 6.
1 Orange Power LED
Orange light off: 25mW
Orange flashes once every 2 seconds: 200mW
Orange flashing once every second: 400mW
Steady Orange light on: 800mW
Orange light flashes fast 2 times per second : PIT Mode
F7 AIO Flight Controller
1 X TX800
1 X MMCX antenna
1 X MMCX to SMA Cable
1 X 1.0mm 4pin Cable
F7 AIO Flight Controller
Frequency Channel 5.8G 48CH
Output Power PIT/25mW/200mW/400mW/800mW
Working Current 5V@250~750mA
Voltage out 5V@max 250mA
Voltage in 3.7-5.5V
Video input impedance 75 Ohm
Antenna Connector MMCX
Weight 5.6g (without antenna)
PCB Size 28mm*28mm@20*20 M2