SpeedyBee Adapter 3

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SpeedyBee Adapter3
SpeedyBee Adapter3
Turn your smartphone into
your mobile FPV companion
Connect to the SpeedyBee mobile app, and configure
your flight controller anytime, anywhere. Or flash the
latest version of Betaflight/Emuflight/INAV in just
2 minutes before your flight session.
The choice is yours.
SpeedyBee Adapter3
Analyzing Blackbox data has
never been easier
No laptop, no separate app, no hassle. Connect your
quad to the SpeedyBee mobile app and analyze your
Blackbox data* in just 1.5 minutes after a flight.
Get the most out of your practice sessions now.
*Currently supports Betaflight and Emuflight only
SpeedyBee Adapter3
Your LiPo batteries =
Powerful 30W power banks
Connect SpeedyBee Adapter 3 to a LiPo battery and
charge your mobile phone* and tablets when you
need them the most. Supports mainstream
QC3.0/AFC/Apple 2.4A (iPhone 6s and above)
and other fast charging protocols with charging
power up to 30W. Complete with over-current
protection, short-circuit protection and
over-temperature protection to protect
your gadgets from unwanted accidents.
Phone Model Battery Capacity Battery level after half
an hour of charging
Mi 11 Ultra 5000mAh 52%
Samsung S10 3400mAh 49%
HUAWEI P40 Pro 4400mAh 45%
iPhone 11 3110mAh 22%
*Charging function requires 2S LiPo and above.
SpeedyBee Adapter3
Forgot your LiPo checker?
Worry not
Connect your 1S - 6S LiPo and the display will
immediately show your battery voltage and the
remaining power with a specific colour code*.
The built-in beeper will alert you if the remaining
power is less than 40% to help extend your
battery lifespan.
*GREEN(>80%), WHITE(40-80%) and RED(<40%).
SpeedyBee Adapter3
MicroUSB or Type C?
Why not both?
SpeedyBee Adapter 3 comes with a dual-head data cable,
with MicroUSB 2.0 and USB 3.0 Type C connector
on each end. No more worries about connector
compatibility regardless of what flight controller
you are using in your build.
SpeedyBee Adapter3
WiFi + Bluetooth =
the best of both worlds
Use Bluetooth for quick access to
your firmware configurator,
or switch to Wi-Fi to flash
firmware or download
Blackbox data at a
higher speed.
SpeedyBee Adapter3
And all you need
is just one LiPo
Access the configurator function using any LiPo
batteries available to you. Supports all 1S - 6S LiPo
with PH2.0 or XT60 connectors. Plug in that
beefy 6S 1500mah, or that tiny 1S Whoop battery
(minimum voltage 3.8V), to the
SpeedyBee Adapter 3
you are ready to
access the
SpeedyBee Adapter3
SpeedyBee Adapter3
Product Name SpeedyBee Adapter 3
Power Input Voltage Range 1-6S(3.8V+ for 1S)
Power Input Connector XT60-Male, PH2.0 male
Required Mobile Device System Version Android 7.0+ | iOS 12.0+
Supported SpeedyBee App Version V1.6.1 + for iOS | V1.5.6+ for Android
Supports Firmware Configurators and Flashing:
• Betaflight 3.2.0 and above
• iNAV 2.0.0 and above
• EmuFlight 0.1.0 and above
Flashing only, excludes Configurators:
• Ardupilot
Wireless signal transmission frequency • Bluetooth frequency: 2402 - 2480 MHz
• WiFi frequency: 2412 - 2484 MHz
Maximum Output Current for flight controllers 700mA @5V
Fast Charging Output interface USB A Port
Minimum Input Voltage for Charging output 7.4V(2S LiPo)
Supported Fast Charging Protocol • QC3.0/QC2.0
• SCP/High SCP
• PE2.0/PE1.1
Max Fast Charging Current 3.5A
Max Fast Charging Power 30W
Case Material ABS + PC
Liquid Silicone Cable Length 12.4cm
Dimension(Main Body) 24.8*21.8*53.6mm
Net Weight 35g
1 x Adapter 3
1 x Manual Card
SpeedyBee Adapter 3 VS SpeedyBee Adapter 2 VS OTG
Item SpeedyBee Adapter 3 SpeedyBee Adapter 2 OTG
Support 1-6S LiPo input N/A
XT60 and PH2.0 connectors N/A
BF/INAV/EMU configuration
Flight control firmware upgrade
Built-in WiFi
Built-in Bluetooth
Blackbox downloader and analyzer
Built-in MicroUSB and Type C connector
Fast charging output up to 30W
Built-In LiPo Voltage Checker