SpeedyBee Bee35 3.5 inch Drone HD O3 Air Unit FPV

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SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
7075 Aluminum Alloy Head
Aviation-grade aluminum alloy head with custom silicone shock absorption, effectively addressing camera shake while allowing easy replacement of different widths and hardness of shock absorption, perfectly compatible with O3 post-stabilization Gvroflow and O3 built-in super stabilization.
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
100% Efficient Heat Dissipation
We have found that the O3 VTX may shut down due to high CPU temperatures during continuous high-temperature operation. For this reason, we have specially designed 7075-T aviation-grade aluminum components for the O3 VTX, doubling the heat dissipation efficiency! Additionally, it features 20*20 mounting screw holes, making it perfectly compatible with 20-hole video transmitters such as Link, TX800, and others.
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
Custom-designed Aviation-grade Aluminum Components
Specially crafted to address the O3 plug-and-play TF card issue, allowing for easy card insertion without the need for disassembly. It is also designed with convenient Type-C and frequency matching positions for both O3 and Link video transmitters.
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
Aerial photography goes beyond DJI O3
Although DJI O3 offers impressive video quality, if you prefer the color performance of GoPro cameras, Bee35 has you covered from the very beginning. With a carefully matched power system and frame design, Bee35 supports the installation of GoPro cameras for aerial photography. It also supports cameras like RunCam 5, RunCam Thumb Pro, RunCam Thumb, and more. No matter what your aerial photography needs are, Bee35 can provide robust support.
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
Your creativity, no longer bound by battery life
When you're exploring the world, the last thing you want to worry about is battery life. We understand this, and extending the flight time was one of our primary goals during the design phase. From motor selection, propellers, to the drone, everything has been continuously optimized and improved. When paired with a 6S 1300mAh battery, Bee35 can achieve a maximum flight time of up to 13 minutes. This allows you to have more time for exploration and filming without the concern of battery power, giving you the freedom and flexibility to unleash your creativity.
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
Two battery installation options
Convenient battery strap design allows for horizontal or vertical battery strap threading
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
Make flying more convenient and intelligent
When flying outdoors, unforeseen issues such as drone malfunctions or takeoff problems may arise. Bee35 supports wireless connection to the SpeedyBee App, allowing you to check the health status of your drone and make adjustments through your smartphone at any time. This ensures a smooth and safe flying experience. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced pilot, you can quickly check and modify drone settings, avoiding unnecessary losses due to drone issues. Try using Bee35 with the SpeedyBee App for a more convenient and intelligent flying experience.
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
Robust Performance, Ensuring Safety
Bee35 is constructed with high-toughness materials for its protective frame, which has undergone rigorous drop tests and real-flight trials to ensure it can protect the drone from damage even in extreme conditions. Moreover, the design of the protective frame carefully balances weight and aesthetics, ensuring that your Bee35 drone excels both in appearance and functionality.
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
Multi-functional Antenna Base
Type-C adapter cable connects to the flight controller without disassembling the drone.
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
Equipped with the Latest Flight Tower F405mini
Separate flight controller and 35A four-in-one ESC design provides better heat dissipation, consistent current stability, and lower maintenance and after-sales costs than integrated AIO solutions!
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
Custom-Made for 3.5-Inch Quadcopters
2006-1950KV Powerful Motor for Smoother Flight!
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
SpeedyBee Bee35 Drone
O3 Air Unit Version LINK WASP Version HD Power Version PNP Version
Speedybee Bee35 Pro Speedybee Bee35
O3 Air Unit Camera RunCam WASP None RunCam Phonix SE
O3 Air Unit VTX RunCam LINK None SpeedyBee TX800
VTX Heat Dissipation
Aviation-grade Aluminum Alloy Cooling Baseplate Carbon Fiber Baseplate
None/TBS Nano / ELRS 2.4GHz None/TBS Nano / ELRS 2.4GHz None TBS Nano / ELRS 2.4GHz
Recording Support
Support 4K120 Support 720P120 None Not Support
320士10g 305士10g 276士10g 300士10g
Action Camera Mounting Support
Carbon Panel Thickness 3.5mm
Main Control STM32F405
Gyroscop ICM42688P
Bluetooth Supported for tuning
OSD Chip AT7456E
Black Box 8MB
ESC BLS 35A ESC Four-in-one(Internal BlueJey Firmware)
Motor SpeedyBee 2006-1950KV(6S)
Propellers HQ-T90MM-Three-blade
Voltage Input 6SLiPo25.2V(Suggested: 1050mAh-1300mAh)