SpeedyBee Discharger

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SpeedyBee FDQ
SpeedyBee FDQ
SpeedyBee FDQ
SpeedyBee FDQ
Product Name SpeedyBee Discharger
Power Input Voltage Range 3-6S
Power Input Connector XT60-Male
Fast Charging Output interface USB-C Port
Supported Fast Charging Protocol PD3.0/QC4+/PPS/AFC/FCP/SCP/PE2.0/SFCP
Fast Charging Power 60W Max(3S,Max 30W;4S,Max 40W;6S,Max 60W)
Dimension(Main Body) 78*45*22mm
Net Weight 56g
Error Notification (flashing screen and beeping) Er1 Short circuit, power off
Er2 Overheated, power off
Er3 Overheated
Er4 Overvoltage, power off (>26V)
Er5 Low power voltage,power off(<10.5V)
Er6 Alarm for low voltage of cell (3.80V by default, support customization)
Er7 Alarm for 0.3V voltage difference of cell
Low voltage alarm (flashing screen and beeping) 3S Lipo ≤11.1V
4S Lipo ≤14.8V
6S Lipo ≤22.2V